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Title of Deliverable

Short description (English)

Deliverable 3.7.1

Collection of existing data and Summarization/Creation of a common database

The purpose of activity “Creation of a common database of biodiversity on the territory of Arda and Nestos rivers and Mountains of Rhodope Range” is collection and summarizing of existing data for biodiversity on the Bulgarian territory (the valleys of Arda and Nestos rivers and the Mountains of Rhodope range). 

Deliverable 3.7.2

Development of a model for Risk Assessment in Natura 2000 sites

Тhe purpose of activity “Development and implementation of ecological risk assessment model for species and habitats in the Natura 2000 protected sites on the territory of Arda river” is the development of risk assessment model for species and natural habitats and to be assessed the risk for species or natural habitat in the Natura 2000 protected sites along Arda river (at least one habitat or species for each protected site).

The model will be used for future development or actualization of management plans for Natura 2000 protected sites, as well as for making informed management decisions. The model is appropriate for use by both Greek partner of the project and other stakeholders. 

Deliverable 3.7.4

Development of 3 strategies for conservation of the three most vulnerable and prioritized species/habitats based on the results of risk assessments

On 31.07.2021 / Saturday / and 01.08.2021 / Sunday / two volunteer campaigns were carried out for cleaning of household waste along the Arda River near the Studen Kladenets dam. The actions was organized by the Arbitra Foundation in the area of the village of Sedlovina and the land of the village of Shiroko Pole, Kardzhali municipality. The cleaned places were identified together with the Municipality of Kardzhali. More than 40 volunteers took part in the Campaign, about 16 decares of total area were cleaned and approximately 5 tons of tires and household waste were collected. All participants together made efforts for a cleaner and more beautiful nature in the area of the Arda River and Studen Kladenets Dam. The collected waste was transported and disposed of at the Regional Landfill for Municipal Waste in the town of Kardzhali. The purpose of the clean-up was to contribute to the conservation of biological diversity in the transboundary areas along the Arda River, as the main goal of the project " Enhancing biodiversity through sustainable management and protection of rare species habitat in Nestos and Ardas rivers and the Rodopi Mountain Range. Subsidy contract №B2.6d.04 / 10.11.2017, which is implemented in the framework of the INTERREG VA "Greece - Bulgaria" 2014 - 2020 ".


Deliverable 3.7.4

 A waste cleaning up will be organized along the Arda River at the most contaminated areas  The purpose of activity “Development of strategies to protect most vulnerable and priority species/habitats” is the development of conservation strategies to protect three most vulnerable and priority species/habitats in the Natura 2000 protected sites on the Bulgarian territory of Arda river, covered by the risk assessment under Deliverable 3.7.2. 
 Deliverable 6.7.4  Elaboration of a seminar regarding illegal tree cutting. Poisoning, hunting (Haskovo) Foundation Arbitra elaborate a seminar regarding illegal tree cutting, poisoning and hunting. The event was held at Park hotel “Europa”, Haskovo, Bulgaria.

People from different institutions took part in the event.

The following topics were presented:

- Presentation about illegal tree cutting

- Presentation about poisoning and hunting.
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