Expected Outputs

The key products that will be created by the proposed project are:

  1. Development of a dedicated website dedicated to the biodiversity of the three sites
  2. Highlighting of 1 natural trail at least in every site
  3. Development of a unified biodiversity database
  4.  Development of a model for Risk Assessment in Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria
  5. Upgrading & updating existing management plans for biodiversity in the Greek Region
  6. Development of 3 strategies for conservation of the three most vulnerable species/habitats based on the results of risk assessments
  7. Establishing of a single new Quality Label
  8. Pilot measures in coordination with the local farmers for the protection of the biodiversity
  9. Development of a dead animal collection mechanism from farms and disposal of the corpses in specific stations. Upgrading the protection of the feeding stations (enclosure, marking, observation points). Purchase of 2 cars. Demosntration of an anti-poisoning dog unit in the area of Nestos and Rodopi

Min. 9 per month for a period of 18 months in every site

  • Establishment of an information center in Stavroupoli of Xanthi and 2 info-points in Komotini and Haskovo
  • Purchase of the flying surveillance equipment. Customize the equipment
  • Upgrade the Telematic Network in Nestos strains and develop a new network in Arda’s river in Bulgaria
  • Elaboration of a Workshop between CBC partners for exchange of Know How and good practices in Natura 2000 areas
  • Elaborating 1 seminar for Volunteers, NGOs, mountaineers etc, that are activated to the protection of the biodiversity for the realization of the goals and the resources of the program;
  • Organizing a seminar on certain threatened species with habitats in Nestos Strains and in Ardas river
  • Elaboration of an open seminar regarding illegal tree cutting. Poisoning, hunting in Stavroupoli and in Haskovo
  • Elaboration of a training seminar for the new Quality Label for local tourist businesses and stakeholders in Xanth and in Smolyan
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