Work Packages

WP1: Management & Coordination
In this work package the Lead Beneficiary will be responsible for the entire management of the physical and financial object and the technical meetings of the program. The other beneficiaries will be responsible for their cooperation and synergy for the qualitative goals and costs of the project within the implementation deadlines
WP2 Communication & Dissemination
In this work package:
The communication plan of the LB will be developed;
All printed and electronic material for the promotion of the program will be produced (LB, B3, B4, B6, B7);
A website for the project will be developed by the LB;
The marking of the paths by B2 and Β7 with clear information of the financial source of the specific act will take place;
Organizing two open final forums for the results of the project, in Xanthi (LB) and Haskovo (B7)

WP3: Actions for the Protection of the Areas
In this work package the following actions are included:
The Collection of existing data and the development of a common database of the three target areas. This will be accomplished using existing information and data. The data base will be set up with data that LB and Β4 from the Greek side and Β7 from the Bulgarian side will gather;
A Risk Assessment model for Ardas river Natura 2000 site will be developed in this WP by B7;
Improving, upgrading and updating existing Management Plans for the conservation of vulnerable species (flora, fauna, habitats) (B2);
In this work package three of the beneficiaries (B2, B4 and B7) will be responsible for the development of a strategy for the protection and conservation of 1 species respectively in every target area (Nestos Straits, Rodopi Mountain in both directions and Ardas River)
WP4: Actions Connecting Environment Protection and Local Community
The involvement of local communities and stakeholders in the implementation of politics concerning restoration and conservation of biodiversity is a key element. In detail the results and the actions of the work package will be the following: Development of a new Quality Label (QL), which will have certain criteria and will be given to the professionals of the target areas (tourist enterprises, crafts, etc.) that they will comply and predict productive procedures that protect the biodiversity of the area (Β3&Β6);
Pilot measures in coordination with local farmers that focus on the protection of the biodiversity (B2&B7);
Development of a dead animal collection mechanism from farms and the disposal of the corpses in 2 feeding stations. This will be developed by B2 and there will be an upgrade of the existing infrastructure (2 feeding stations);
Development of an intervention designing study to the feeding stations (Β4)
Use of Special Trained Anti-poison Dog Unit to the area of Nestos Straits and the area of Rodopi Mountains with the intention of gathering the poisonous baits which is considered the most important and lethal factor for all fauna of the area and mainly raptors (B4);
Last action in WP4 is the construction of an Information Center for the Project and the three target areas. The town of Stavroupoli in the Prefecture of Xanthi is the most appropriate place for the establishment of this info point, since it is located at the beginning of the Nestos Straits and at the Southern area of Rodopi Mountains (B2). Furthermore, two info-points will be constructed in Komotini and Haskovo in order to present information about the project
WP5: Implementation of Innovative Recording Technology
The entire WP5 concerns the supply and utilization of an unmanned flying surveillance system by B2 and the implementation of the necessary adaptations and modifications will be made by B5, who has already constructed the model of this equipment.


For its future use as a substantial tool in the process of preserving biodiversity it must be customized and tested in real conditions in order to be in full operational use at least one year after the beginning of the project. In the end, staff of B2 will be trained to use the equipment.
WP6: Training Seminars
In WP6 several actions are going to be made concerning training seminars and workshops.
- Elaboration of a Workshop between Beneficiaries in Xanthi (LB)
- Informing bodies for the protection of the area (Volunteers, NGOs, mountaineers) (LB)
- Organizing two seminars on certain species, one monitoring the area of Nestos (B4) and on in Smolyan (B6)

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